Pet Plank Decals


Have you got so many organised places for your pets items, why not make it personalised to them!

Look no further, these decals come in a range of different wordings, sizings & colours.

Few Examples: 
Dog names, Cat names, Family surname and so on..

Applying Instructions: 
All decals will arrive with the transfer paper attached for easy peeling.
You will need to remove the transfer paper slowly on a flat surface for easy peeling and space.
Then apply the transfer paper with the writing on, onto the item you would like it applied to and apply pressure until fully on your item and pull the transfer paper off carefully.

Writing request:
Please note within the additional comments of what word you would like to be sent to you, if multiple. Please list as: Name, name, name…

Please note: You will receive one decal per £1.50



Add-ons total:


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Additional information

Weight 1 g
Writing Colour

Gold, Rose Gold, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Unicorn

Font Style

Madalina, Stella, Charlotte, Brodie, Stacey


Small – W7.5cm, Medium – W10cm, Large – W12.5cm, Custom Size


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