About Us

Hello there, I’m Ciara. I started Absolute Wax Melts in May 2019 hand pouring wax melts from my parent’s kitchen within Berkshire as a hobby at first to try something new every month and this has been my new thing every month learning more about this business and how to make it unique to others out there.

Currently at the moment we supply wax melts & candles with 100% Soy Wax within plastic(Recyclable & reusable) tinned jars & glass jars – We try and reduce the amount of plastic used within the company however sometimes it will be impossible in some products.

I can confirm we have CLP compliant of which means all our products wax based will be presented with a label including the fragrance, the amount of which is included within it and the base ingredient in each scent. Further details are found about all the ingredients are found at the following link listed on the label.

With regards to our personal products, they come in a variety of different shapes, purposes and colours. We have products which can be used in each room of your home to become personalised for you.
If there is something you like however there is no option to customise to what you like, you are more than welcome to ask directly to be able to assist further.
This contact can either be made via social media @absolutewaxmelts or via email Absolutewaxmelts@yahoo.com.